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Hello 2010

So it's Jan. 1st, 2010, and I'm amazed at how time has flown by.  I start my second semester next Tuesday (Sucks!) and there have been so many new changes in my life.  New friends, new environment, and I know it's all for the better.  I'm hoping the new year is filled with many blessings.

So since I've been so MIA, a quick recap of what has been going on recently in my life:

Got straight A's my first semester
Choreographed for VSO in the fall, and choreographing this spring for Tet
Been experiencing the "college life" socially and academically
Met Quest Crew (including Lydia Paek) and Gabe Bondoc
Went to a Kid Cudi and Common Concert
Met a boy. :)  And a good one at that; that last one was just bad news.
Lost like 10 lbs while I was in school (though I may have gained them back from being back home and my parents shoving food in my face, haha)

Winter break seemed to have gone by so quickly, it's ridiculous. I leave to G-ville once again tomorrow.  I'm actually kind of ready to leave home already, strange enough.  Not for school though that can be postponed, haha.

I want to get a new haircut, I'm debating whether to do something a little more drastic than usual, or keep some length.  I figure it is the new year and change is welcoming, but I'm not completely sure. 

Tonight, I plan to celebrate with good company. 

Oh yeah, definitely nervous about the cold weather coming this weekend.  Lows in the 20s isn't something I'm quite familiar with, and I want to go see the meteor shower this weekend... Yikes, let's see what happens.

2010, be good to me.

College sucks.

Took my first college exam yesterday.  Got a B.  Fcuk my life!

I don't care if I'm being dramatic, this class is supposed to be easy for me.  Wtf! 

Labor Day Weekend

So it's Sunday night, and my parent's came to visit me today and they're sleeping right now as I write this.  I'm really glad they came, cause I got to spend time with them, but it seems so short since they're already leaving tomorrow.  I wish this weekend would last freaking forever.  I won't be able to see them for a while.  I do get another 3-day weekend in October, but I'm not sure if I can go home then, and I haven't told them yet just in case I can't.  Don't wanna set them up for disappointment, you know?

It's only been 2 weeks and I'm already tired of school, haha.  I have my first exam on the 15th for chemistry, which I'm really nervous about.  I already had my first calculus discussion quiz, which I don't think I aced, but I don't think I failed the whole thing.  Sucky way to start off, I know.  Eff freaking trig!  Stupid unit circle.  I've met a couple of people in my classes, but not close enough to have their numbers or anything.  I think I might go to an FSA meeting this upcoming week, to check things out, maybe meet some people.  I also wanted to go to a VSO meeting but it's on a day of this reception thing I think I might have to go to, which sucks butt.  I HATE ONLINE HOMEWORK.  I have it for both calculus and chemistry.  Was it not enough to give us hw from the text?  Jeez!

I really wanna do well here, but I feel like I'm not going to.  My confidence level is just not very high right now.  I hate feeling this way. 

Good night.


Well, I've moved up here and I'm officially starting school tomorrow.  It's so crazy how summer just zipped by.  I think the nerves for school starting are kicking into a higher gear now.  My sisters really did help me this weekend though, but once they left, I felt so lonely.  I don't understand why since I never really saw them that often when I was back in Miami and my parents were always working till late.  I guess it's cause I'm in a new place by myself.  New surroundings take time for adjustment I guess.  My room looks nice, though!  It was a bitch to bring here though.  Damn my small car and Ikea's enormous packaging. 

I met my roommate; she seems cool, but I really haven't seen her much since I've been busy moving in and with my sisters and she's busy with her own agenda.  She's a senior at UF so maybe that might come to my advantage?  Who knows.  I hope we become closer though, cause it still feels a little awkward but I guess the awkwardness won't go away immediately.  At least she seems nice.  From what I've been exposed to so far.

I hope I enjoy my new life here. 


So, tomorrow is the big day.  How lucky am I that the weather goes sour when I must drive all the way to Gainesville.  Stupid tropical weather; go away tropical depressions/storms/hurricanes!  Oh well, at least I won't be alone.  Just want to get there in one piece. 

Practically have all my things packed up, with the exception of some things I may use tomorrow before I leave.  I hope my roommate is cool.  Apparently, she's already living there.  I think either Thursday or Friday, I'll be driving to Ikea in Orlando to get my bedroom furniture.  Till then, I'll probably be sleeping either on the floor in my room or on the couch in the living room.  Oh well, at least it's not permanent.  I'm glad my sisters will be coming to help me this weekend; I really do appreciate them for it. 

If I were to describe my feelings right now, it would probably be the same as I always am when it comes to changes in my life: nervous and excited.  I think this is the change my life needs right now, and not to sound really generic but I really do think college will help me establish myself as a whole, I guess kind of like completing who I am.  I hope I don't die from school, haha. 

Hung out with some friends today, and it was pretty nice.  Good way to end my stay here.  I probably won't return until Thanksgiving break.

Off to get some grub.

Continuing the countdown...

6 days till the big move.  I think I'll start to pack some clothes tonight. 

I've really been enjoying myself these past few weeks.  The people I've been around have really made me feel good, which is something I needed.  Good friends are definitely hard to find.  And to keep for that matter.  I've learned who is worth staying in touch with and who isn't.  I'm not happy that I've grown apart from some people, but life runs its course, doesn't it?  It's a shame, but there's no use trying when your efforts aren't being reciprocated.

Yesterday, I went bowling with some friends, and stayed up to see the meteor shower.  I saw 12 meteors!  I was really hoping to see them since I couldn't on Tuesday.  Stupid light pollution. 

Today, I went out for lunch at a Pan-Asian cafe.  It was a first at the place, and it was good.  Pretty cheap too, especially for the amount they serve.  And got some Thai tea with boba!  Yummy... 2359420159 calories, but still delicious.  Then we went to Best Buy and played Rock Band and some cool game on the Wii where you whack characters with a stick.  Violent but actually fun, haha.

Tomorrow, I plan on building some wooden structured animal puzzles that I bought with some friends today at Michael's.  I'm excited to do them, they look fun!  And we plan on painting them.  Yay for arts and crafts! 

Still staying in that positive state of mind... It's really all I can do right now. 


Yesterday, the beach wore me out.  Lots of waves, which kind of sucked, but I still had fun.  Today, I spent the day at the park and exercised.  Jogging in the park was nice, even though it was really hot.  Played basketball, oh man what a sight to see.  Haven't played since the 5th or 6th grade.  Still fun nontheless.  Sunburned on the face more from today than yesterday.  Sucks!  Don't like getting burned on the face. 

Tomorrow is going to be my chill day/ cleaning day.  Plan on doing some laundry and vacuum my car.  Maybe start packing?  Though I'm not sure what to start packing first since I still use my wardrobe now.  We'll see.

Next week's tentative schedule:
- Cooking a new lunch recipe with friends and play video games
- Beach
- Sushi
- Bowling?
- Shopping?
- G.I. Joe
- Farewell dinner before we all leave for school
- Dad's Birthday

Two weeks.

Until I am off to college.  Still haven't been assigned a roommate; maybe I'll luck out and not have one, which would be cool.  Time has been going by so damn fast, it's surreal.  But I feel like things are on the up and up, so that's always comforting.  Went to Ikea yesterday to check out some furniture.  That place is cool.  And I have a couple of ideas as to what I want now.  I'm excited to see it put together.  Today I went to the park with some friends.  Good exercise, hot as hell though.  Threw a football around, played with a volleyball and soccer ball, too.  Played on the playgrounds.  Felt like a kid again, haha.  It was a nice day outside, though.  Hopefully, tomorrow is a repeat cause I have plans to head to the beach!  Round 3 for this summer I think?  Want to go again next week, too.  I want to take advantage of the fact that it's relatively close and I'll be leaving the Miami beaches for school. 

Maybe I'll post some pictures of random adventures next time.

I hate the rain.

Weather has been really depressing lately.  I hate thunder and lightning!  Oh well, it's given me a chance to catch up on movies I've been wanting to see.  So far I've seen: Ocean's 13, Chronicles of Narnia: Prince Caspian, Tropic Thunder, Milk, X-Men Origins: Wolverine, and a couple of Korean movies, too: My Sassy Girl and Antique Bakery.  I've actually started to watch the drama Coffee Prince, also.  I wanted to see what else Korea can offer in the entertainment industry, haha.  I already saw Boys Over Flowers, so I figured I might as well try another series.  It kills time on rainy days and is a good form of entertainment for me. 

It's almost August, meaning summer's on the verge of winding down... I don't like that idea but I have to face it anyway.  This week, I also decided that once a week, I'm going to cook a new recipe.  It'll help me practice my culinary skills, which I'll need some for college.  So far, I've only made things that I probably will never make unless it's for other people (haha), but I'll start focusing on full meals for lunch and stuff.  I made pancakes and crepes (both from scratch) and fruit pizza.  Yummy!   I'm hoping to learn quick and easy recipes that are healthy. 

Food!Collapse )

Oh, I also got a haircut!  Some side-swept bangs and some shorter layers.  Not too big of a difference, seeing as how my parents haven't noticed, haha.  I like it though.  Change is good.

Well, I'm getting hungry and I haven't eaten lunch yet, so goodbye!

Exactly one month...

One month until I officially move into my new apartment.  Definitely excited, and a bit apprehensive as I'm doing roommate matching.  Unless my friend's plans to live elsewhere happen to fail, which I have no real reason to believe they have at this point.  I hope my roommate is cool. 

I hope college life is the change I've been yearning for.  Lately, I've been feeling as if there's something missing in my life.  Soul searching, if you will.  I'm not sure why I'm feeling like this.  It's strange.  Even though practically all my friends are going through the same phase as me in terms of transitioning to college life, I feel like no one quite gets me.  Like I haven't found someone who's eye to eye with me.  Maybe it's just me. 

I've been pondering on getting a haircut.  Nothing too drastic, but a new style then what I've done in the past.  Haven't acted on my thoughts yet though, cause I want to get my hair cut at a salon, and I've actually never gone to a salon before, my mom's friend would usually do it for free and now I would have to pay.  I just want to see if someone could do a great job with my hair.  Not that my mom's friend sucks, but if I show a picture at a salon, would they be better at imitating the style?  I do want to get the most for my money.

Wow, only one more month of summer?!  Boo.

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